Audio and visual patches created in Max/Msp.

This patch allows a video input to be mapped to a plane of multiple 3D gridshapes. This results in a 3D representation of the camera input, with vivd colours and breathing-like movement. It is also audio reactive, with the shapes growing with the transients of the music.

Video Input to 3D Mesh

Glitch Screen

A patch that creates a glitch type effect using noise and simple matrices. The user can choose different modes, altering the colour patterns and intensity of the glitch. This patch is good for VJing and projection mapping. Inspired by Ryoji Ikeda.


M4L Video Mixer


A patch that allows the user to easily control and synchronise video and audio within their Ableton Live set. The interface has 5 different modules, a Live video input, 2 video playback modules and 2 generative visual modules. The user can crossfade video, simultaneously trigger videos with Ableton Live clips and enable audio reactive parameters. 

A 16 pad sampler that uses buffers to playback samples dragged in by the user. Each sample has editing possibilities, including transposition, time stretching, reversing, volume and pan. The user can also record their own audio into each sample pad. There are 3 effects units, including a switchable filter, overdrive and simple delay. Loops can be created using the in-built looper.

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